"I believe in the power of the human spirit to overcome all obstacles and that an igniting of the divine spark of authenticity that lives within all of us can be the start of accomplishing anything. I seek to be one of those sparks." -Angela

november 2015

THE HARVEST IS FULL ON! Gratitude abounds, glorious weather prevails, hard work in the gym rocks, and preparations for the quickly approaching Holiday Season are here again, and it's ALL SO GOOD! 

Whatever we choose to focus on GROWS! I'm learning that when I focus on progress instead of obstacles, progress grows and obstacles, which are always there, become insignificant. I have found it to be an excellent strategy for dealing with ANY situation, including LIFE! 

I remember the old Disney movie, Pollyanna, from my childhood and it made a big impact on me, as the main character has some major life adversity and still found simple things all about her to be GLAD about! There truly IS ALWAYS something to be glad about, even if we sometimes have to look awhile to find it. It isn't that we discount our other emotions, as they all have a very important role to play in our information, learning and life action, it's just that focusing on the "silver lining" in whatever cloud lies before us, reminds us that we WILL GET THROUGH IT! 

Life is a grand game and challenge IS how we learn exactly what we need to in any given moment. I know personally that my times of greatest adversity have also been the moments when I have learned the very most.


october 2015

FALL IS THE SECOND SPRING! Time again for new beginnings, a variety of weather options that anyone can be happy about, freshness, crispness and exuberance of energy abounds! If the warm weather has limited your daily walking, NOW IS YOUR TIME!

I love the new options available, the bright planets of Venus and Jupiter that can be seen all clear mornings before sunrise, new clients with brand new beginnings and all kinds of new colors in the scenery. Apples, sweet potatoes, carrots, pumpkins and cinnamon are back in season and I eagerly anticipate my favorite holiday of Thanksgiving! I love it because it is easiest to make really great healthy and abundant dishes and I love gathering with my family!

I have been experiencing my own shifting of options this fall in dealing with old family issues and feel even more empowered to stomp out and kick off all the old, worn out, well repeated patterns of the past and step into the fullness of who I am now, hold only cherished memories of the past, and allow all that lies before me, assisting and empowering others who choose to do the same.

I remember my favorite aunt this time of year, as halloween was her all time favorite holiday! I actually despise it, only because my focus is constantly on LIFE CHOICES, plus all the wicked rot your teeth and life out candy handed out mercilessly, yet death cannot be escaped for any of us, and my aunt enjoyed this celebration most of all with its adventure and fun of laughing fear and death in the face. I remember one halloween in particular that she had all the cousins over (there were at least 10 of us!) and made paper mache masks! I made a princess crown and held on to it for many years. Not just anyone turns their dining room over to children and a paper mache festival, yet she did so with style! Aunt Jessie  did indeed laugh death in the face, as she passed at a very young age while only in her 50s after a bout with breast cancer and subsequent health challenges.

When you went to a party with Aunt Jessie Ann, and just about any day at her house was a party, it was loud, it was fun and you knew you were loved and wanted there, and she wasn't afraid to tell you exactly what she thought about ANYTHING!  She cussed like a sailor, loved like an angel and everyone felt comfortable in her presence.

What she taught me was to live and love with everything you've got while you've got the chance. She lived with passion and she died with courage. My objective is to LIVE FULLY, no regrets, nothing held back, loving fiercely, fighting darkness inside and out by BEING and allowing LIGHT, as she was.

So, everyone....KICK ASS this month! BE YOU and CHOOSE TO BE LIGHT in every way....chase out your demons into the light and then have a good laugh. LIVE AND CHOOSE LOVE!

I love you all and feel privileged to call you my friends. I learn so much through you every day.

XO Angela


MARCH 2015

SPRING, SPRING, THE LOVELIEST TIME OF YEAR! Perhaps because it's my birth month, symbolic of new life in most every way, or because spring definitely matches my energy, I LOVE MARCH!

In reflecting on my life, which I often do this time of year, and especially this year as I celebrate a whole 1/2 CENTURY on planet earth, I am so incredibly blessed and grateful for those who have influenced my  life, allowing me to BE who I am today: my parents, family of origin and all the lessons there that still affect me and allow me to choose new and different courses and belief systems, friends, mentors, teachers and those who serve me, my religious families, community families, my clients who become my friends too and always teach me as much as I teach them, and above all my immediate family,  whose lessons in love give me the growth to always BE the best version of myself through bringing up old and unwanted emotions, allowing me to clear further! My husband of almost 30 years who is truly my best friend, knowing ALL my dirt, loving me anyway and willingly (most days) walks this path with me and my 5 beautiful, incredible children who each have so very much to give and pass on to this world all inspire me each day.

The funny thing is that as we search, progress toward and become our greatest version, God often gives us serendipitous moments where we are able to learn more in that moment than we ever could in years on our own. Such a moment ocurred for me during a particular trying vacation in which I was teambuilding with my dear husband (you know that marriage is the hardest thing on the planet, right?!), and took a spa break for myself. It was an incredible location in the mountains of New Mexico with majestic and peaceful views, happy water sounds through flowing streams, lovely spa smells, beautiful plants and flowers surrounded by many different baths, buildings and places to retreat and renew. I had just come from a women's bath where I was able to observe and feel the intense issues that we each carry about our incredible bodies and was sitting in a snuggly white robe with my feet in a foot bath, when the loveliest woman I have ever seen walked by and gave me a beautiful smile. This woman, who appeared to be in her 70s, in that brief instant gave me a vision of the woman I was becoming. It was not through her outward appearance, well kept yet allowing her character through natural aging, from which her beauty sprang, but from deep within her soul that shined through her eyes. These beautiful, clear blue "windows to her soul" showed me deep and abiding faith and love, empathy and understanding as well as confidence, strength,  and self love which she shared with all about her. I have ever remembered that brief moment, it's message, it's impact and my constant prayer that I, like her, may be a vehicle for love and strength to any in my life path who may stand in need of that message. SPRING FORTH INTO YOUR BEST SELF! IT IS TIME TO BE WHO YOU WERE ALWAYS MEANT TO BE!

"...'Real isn't how you are made' said the Skin Horse. 'It's a thing that happens to you...when a child loves you for a long, long time...It doesn't happen all at once...You BECOME. It takes a long time. That's why it doesn't happen often to people who break easily, or have sharp edges, or who have to be carefully kept. Generally, by the time you are Real, most of your hair has been loved off, and your eyes drop out and you get loose joints and very shabby. But these things don't matter at all, because once you are Real, you can't be ugly, except to the people who don't understand." -Margery Williams, The Velveteen Rabbit

February 2014


LOVE is probably the most talked about, sought after, sung about, desired and elusive commodity on the planet. What exactly is it? The definition is uniquely different for every single one of us, being the incredibly amazing one-of-a-kind creatures that we are, however, I think the general definition would be that fantastic feeling in our hearts and souls of being totally and unequivocally accepted and admired by someone else. What sucks is that this feeling, even in the be.st of relationships, when based on another imperfect human being like ourselves, undoubtedly wanes at times. 

What if we were totally in charge of this feeling and could have it anytime we were willing? Have you ever been confused and a bit disgusted by all of the self-love talk out there? What does it mean? Has it ever led you to self-indulgence and subsequent guilt? (My hand is up...thinking about those incredible chocolate brownies!!) What if love really had nothing to do with what you did and EVERYTHING to do with WHO YOU ARE?  What if love was never meant to be chased, manipulated, bought or sold, compromised for or longed for? What if you could experience it anytime because YOU ARE LOVE?

Yep, right now in the center of every living being IS LOVE! Now, some of us may have forgotten it's even there because of a really big pile of who knows what on top of it, yet if we dare the adventure of uncovering, layer by layer, whatever is blocking it from our lives, WE CAN FEEL IT, KNOW IT, BE LOVE! IT IS OUR BIRTHRIGHT! It doesn't happen by getting a manicure (although that's a really nice thing to do for yourself), nor does it just appear by chance and most certainly never by force, yet  I have learned this incredible LOVE IS JUST WAITING TO BE DISCOVERED, ACKNOWLEDGED, UNCOVERED AND FINALLY LIVED AS WE WERE MEANT TO BE!

SIMPLE, yes! EASY, definitely can be! "All things are possible through LOVE!" (Mark 9:23) So next time you find yourself short on the love supply, remember that you have within you an infinite source, just waiting to be claimed! It's like the perfect, unending, infinitely rechargeable love battery that just takes some quiet, patient and persistent uncovering to know. Got Love? Yep, YOU BE IT!

"The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why." 

-Mark Twain


NEW YEAR, NEW ADVENTURES! With the official launch of my new baby business that has been on the drawing boards of my heart and head for many years, a plethora of feelings exist: joy, happiness, excitement, anticipation as well as the counterparts of self doubt, apprehension, vulnerability & fear of failure to name a few. It is now time to walk and do and it is a bit scary. 


I do KNOW that I am following my heart, my purpose on the planet, and the continuation of my mothering enthusiasm by putting myself out there in a true and genuine effort to assist women in realizing their true beauty, strength and capability within each of them, thereby empowering their worlds. My hope and my dream is to change the world one beautiful woman believing in herself at a time.

I promise to use this space for YOU! I indulge myself momentarily to celebrate the strong and beautiful mentors (you know who you are) who have lighted my path, empowering me to do this, thereby passing on the torch of love and light to others. For all my teachers, thank you! In gratitude for the brilliant business guidance (and long suffering) of my eternal sweetheart and life partner husband, the support and encouragement of my amazingly talented, strong, fit, illuminating children, the constant love and prayers of extended family and friends, and ultimately for my God, Jesus the Christ, the Rock of my Salvation, my constant Deliverer and Mighty Friend, who believes I CAN DO THIS, here WE GO! It should be a FUN RIDE!