i believe in the best version of you and am committed to assisting your COMPLETE life changes. 

See what some previous clients have to say:


“I truly believe I have a new beginning, a new strategy to my life’s challenges.
Thank you, Angela, for coming into my life and helping me see what others have said about me,
but I never believed until now. You have been my counselor, my nutritionist and my body trainer.
Everyone sees the sparkle and new confidence in me!” - Angie S.

"I've made tremendous strides since beginning my program with Angela Gutierrez. Her background in psychology and fitness, along with her ongoing research into the mind/body connection and personal experience, equip her with insight, intuition, intelligence, the ability to adapt her approach to the needs of the client, and, most importantly, sincere care and concern. She has taught me innovative techniques that serve me as great resources. As a college educator and an ongoing student of human development, I know good teaching when I see it and consider Angela a great mentor. She has so much more to offer than a trainer." - Debra S.

"Angela has developed a program which emphasizes the mind-body connection. 
She is able to develop an individual exercise plan along with mental exercises
that clear your mind and fit your lifestyle. Surprisingly, the exercises are simple,
not difficult and work. She has invested time and energy, along with
positive reinforcement which have truly changed my life." - Margaret M. 

We are ALL meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us…
— Marianne Williamson