WELCOME to a WHOLE new approach to F.I.T.N.E.S.S. for Women!

(Facilitating Internal Triumph, Nourishing  External Strength & Success)

Utilizing mind-body integration techniques and exercises, along with the best of personal training, MEFIT (Minds Edge Fitness), works to assist an inside out transformation to a healthy lifestyle through consultation, personally tailored education and individual, private, personal training to achieve LIFE CHANGING, LASTING RESULTS!

The MEFIT concept addresses the COMPLETE sphere of women’s health—mental, spiritual, emotional, physical/nutritional, and social— assisting in creating            WHOLE, REAL, HEALTHY WOMEN!

Each personally selected client is given separate time and attention to assist them in identifying and overcoming distinct psychological, physical and nutritional barriers to wholeness. Every individual training session is 80 minutes in length, allowing appropriate time to uniquely strengthen mind and body. 


MEFIT also utilizes a network of like-minded women professionals, each dedicated to serving the needs of women, in order to provide each participant with the access and support she needs in her journey to a whole and vibrant life.